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So Great!

It’s simply the best game in the world.

it’s OK but not great

I’ll have to give it some credit, it is an original game concept that is kinda fun. However, it gets boring fast. I think its worth 99 cents not two bucks

Box Cat

Best Game Ive Played.


it is very fun

Good Classic Fun!

This game is not only worth the money, but is also super fun! I think the game has the classic arcade look, yet it still keeps the modern craze from cats to zombie(cats). Who doesn’t love smashing cars with a boxish cat. It is just good classic fun!

Fun, Cute Game!!!

I really like to play this game when I'm bored. Kind of addicting! The cat is very powerful and cute!

Box Cat Is Getting 5 Stars From FOUR SIDES Of The World!

I totally ADORE box cat! 5 stars!

Mindless entertaining Cat fun

A great game to keep your mind busy. Funny concept and graphics plus there is a freaking cat running over cars, whats not to like?


this game is amazing


im just writeing this for the cat

Box Cat

This game is too cute, and pretty addicting at that. I'm so glad that I got this game, I'm making my mum get it for her computer too!

Be Awesome And Get This Awesome Game

Box Cat is my favorite game because it is just so addictive and fun

Funny and random

I LOVE IT! Because it is random and interesting FUNNN

Good Gamee

I really liked this game it was classic and fun like an arcade game


I love it!


whats not to like cats, cars, and crashing cars!!

So addicting

I cant stop playing this game. Its so fun!

Its Awesome

This game really is AWESOME!

Fun game

This is a very fun game a I recommend getting this game

Go Box of Cat!

This game is amusing and adorable. I love the different cats and watching chains of cars spiral out on the road as box cat rampages! So purrfect! : 33 <3

Super FUN!

I Love these types of mindless games where you just smash stuff. 5 stars! the retro music is awesome too!

Love it,

This game isn't very complicated, and that's what makes it super fun!

It's good

I like it

Awesome and Amazing!

I love this game so much! It's very addicting! I've already told all my friends about it!! :D Love Love Love! I highly recommend!!

Box Cat Rocks

i love this game!

So fun!

This game is completely addicting and extremely entertaining! However, sometimes, if you are hit by missiles, the game glitches and goes back to the title screen.


This game is very fun


just for new cat

Very interesting premise...

This game is a fun time-killer, and its always entertaining watching the box cat obliterate traffic. Great game, I like the creativity.

did not enjoy

I did not enjoy the game so much and I think that more can be done with it.


im nearly addicted to this game already (:

ok app

nothing great but an ok app. could be made better by improving the graphics.



It's addicting.

*-* The cats are so mean to humans.... BUT IT'S SO COOOOOOL. :D Great game,dude. Just tune up the timer so that when you complete a level,it gives you a tad bit more time. ^^

want to unlock new cat

just doing this for new cat

Yay, Boxcat!

One day, I saw the cutest cat outside of a Subway named Subway Cat. Now, I imagine Boxcat is Subway Cat and I can't stop playing it in memory of that great day. Yay, Boxcat! Yay, Subway Cat!



Very Fun

This is a great game!

Great game!

Simple but addictive! Every boss change on each level, not too simple, not too difficult.

Game Of smashing cars

This game is a great thing when you just need to waste time while not thinking about anything


Love this game!!! awesome arcade style gameplay and it's one of the few you can get that won't constanly ask you to spend money! Definitley worth it - GET THIS GAME

BOX CAT!!!!! <3

HA! so funny. Love it, totally worth downloading!


I don't know why but this game is awesome. Reminds me of when my brother and I would play my uncle's NES all day.

good game

I liked playing this game. It was very fun!!!


Really cool


Well I didn't pay for this game but it is a lot of fun. I think this game is made all the better with the retro graphics and style. Kudos to Rusty Moyher.

box cat


Great Game!

Addictive and fun!


Fun game that can keep you mesmorized for hours. With the addition of you having to complete objectives to get new cats, it's even funner. Reccommend this game to all ages.

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